Mic and Jim Conway have had a book written about them!  “Captain Matchbox & Beyond – The Music and Mayhem of Mic and Jim Conway” is a ripper tale penned by Catherine Fleming and John Tait, published by Melbourne Books.
PURCHASE FROM : https://nationaljunkband.bandcamp.com


FRIDAY 4 JUNE ’17 | Mic Conway’s National Junk Band presents VAUDEVILLIA 
at Camelot Lounge (19 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW).
SHOW at 8pm.  (Doors open at 7pm).
SPECIAL GUESTS : Ukulele master AZO BELL, hilarity from Jean Paul Bell,
and tap dancing galore by Glenn Wood.
BOOK NOW : https://www.stickytickets.com.au/35525

REVIEW of  “Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe” :

“Smile-inducing syncopated satire… amusing confection of vaudeville-inspired madness.” 4 stars
: Steve Creedy, The Australian (24 May 2014)

You can listen to the latest Junk Band album online, and also purchase digital downloads and physical CDs.

PROJECT : 78 rpm record.
The National Junk Band’s has crowd-funding project has been a success!  A huge thank you to everyone who supported the project to create a 78 rpm record of two songs from “Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe”. The test pressing has just arrived, and we are hoping to receive the full shipment in September 2014.

Mic Conway’s National Junk Band :
Jug band blues, political satire and lunatic on-stage antics combine as a new-vaudevillian comedy cabaret. Audiences know Mic Conway’s tongue-in-cheek style from “Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band” and “Circus Oz”. From Byron Bay Bluesfest to Port Fairy and Adelaide Cabaret Festival… the National Junk Band have become festival favourites for their unique collision of fire, illusion, passion, irreverent satire, magic, singing saws, flying chooks, musical mayhem and some very funny songs.

Expect the unexpected as these “virtuosos of the bizarre” create a live stage experience that must be seen and heard to be believed. Wielding National guitars, ukuleles, a sousaphone, a phono-fiddle, actual garbage cans and metal sinks, there really is nothing like them in Australia today.

MIC CONWAY : Vocals, tenor guitar, musical saw, harmonica, ukulele, silly noises, tap-dancing, fire-eating, juggling, magic.

CAZZBO JOHNS : Sousaphone, electric bass, jug.

PHIL DONNISON : National guitars and ukuleles, lap steel, nose flute, kazoo, vocals.

MARCUS HOLDEN : Stroviol, mandolin, tenor guitar.

JEREMY COOK : Drums, washboard, garbage bin and junk percussion. 

The king of Vaudeville in Australia today.” : Lucky Oceans

Aural extravaganza.” : Michael Smith, Drum Media

Defies categorisation.” : Sydney Morning Herald.