Adam Sandler: from university comedian to world-class star

Adam Sandler was born in 1966, New York, and he realized that he had the ability to make others laugh and laugh like children. At the university, he performed before the pebble with his humorists on campus and in clubs.

He has quite educated and intelligent parents. His mother is a school teacher and his father is an electrical engineer.

At the age of fourteen, Adam appeared on TV screens of America in «The Cosby Show», and already in 1989, he starred in his first movie comedy «All Overboard», in which he played the foreground role. It was in this film that Adam had to play himself because his character was also a stand-up comedian and a Jewish.

When Sandler made this rather successful debut, he was invited to the US film industry center in Los Angeles. Then, he worked in a comedy show called Saturday Night Live» in which he wrote scenarios for sketches as well as scripts.

Adam Sandler

In 1994, the producers fired him from the show, and he got depressed. However, fate often creates trouble and trouble just to put a man on his true path.

Therefore, in the future, Adam was able to play some great characters in such films as «Airheads», «Billy Madison», «Happy Gilmore», and «The Waterboy», which is considered his first popular and world-famous work.

Adam was occasionally a guest of several melodies and dramatic films.

We have to say that Adam Sandler is big and varied. Adam Sandler, like Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone, hated film critics from the United States, who often planned to give him negative reviews.

However, Adam Sandler did not suffer from film critics, unlike the two actors mentioned above. For decades, Adam Sandler has been listed as one of Hollywood’s richest actors. It proves to us that the audience is very fond of Adam and his brilliant comedies.

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