America’s best comedians

You’d hardly meet a man who doesn’t like foreign cinema, especially if such films feature famous American comedians starring. The movies they make are always interesting because they can give us positive emotions. In this article, you will learn about the best comedians in America.

  1. George Carlin. He is the founder of American stand-up comedy. George is considered the most famous and popular comedian. This man gave master’s lessons to younger actors. The beginning of his career as a technician on radio stations. George also performed his TV programs. It was the TV programs that gave him his current popularity. He also appeared in films when he was young and recorded comedy programs featuring him. He was very popular for several decades. Unfortunately, this popular comedian died in 2008 at the age of 71. However, even in modern America, George Carlin remains at the top of the list of best comics from America.
  2. Andy Kaufman. Andy was rightly considered the most spectacular and unique comedian in the world. He was convinced that he was not a comedian. Andy even said he was doing dramatic projects. People liked his unique sense of humor back when Andy was a kid. So, little Andy gave his first performances when he was five years old. He was able to make his first official appearance at the age of 14. The reason for his popularity is the unique genre in which he performs his acts.

    Andy Kaufman
  3. Louis C.K. This comedian is also on the list of famous comedians from America. He is also popular as an actor. He started his career as a comedian back in the ’80s, but it wasn’t until 2005 that he found real success. This was after he took part at HBO. In 2008, he formed a show called «Battered», which received the «Emmy» award. This allowed this comedian to direct a comedy series in 2010.
  4. Bill Burr. Bill is both a writer, an unusual comedian, an actor, a producer, and a musician. He began his professional career in 1992 and since then has managed to create six successful shows. Nevertheless, this man became popular only because of his radio appearances. It was Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. In addition, this comedian took part in the voice acting of such a popular video game as GTA 4. He also starred in «Breaking Bad» TV series when he became the most popular.
  5. Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is a woman who is a productive and talented television presenter. She started out as a stand-up artist in the ’70s. Ellen began her career performing in bars and coffee shops in her hometown. However, popularity and fame found this woman at the time of the 1980s. That’s when people began to call her a talented comedian and an interesting person on television.

However, we have listed just a few of the best comedians from America, and we could continue to add to that list non-stop. You can find more articles that are interesting on our website. For this, you should click on the link. Then you will have access to the most famous and popular British comics and other unique information.

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