Canon Service Tool: essence of program

Canon inkjet printers and multifunctional devices control the level of ink consumed in cartridges. Every time the printer is turned on or the cartridges are cleaned, the waste paint is absorbed into the maintenance box. This is a specially designed container located under the parking area of the cartridge carriage. It is a very convenient tool that facilitates the life of modern man.

Printer itself does not have the ability to control the ink level in this tool. This is the reason why Canon engineers have decided to track what they can control. We mean the estimated amount of waste paint. And once its level reaches critical levels, the printer is blocked and “requires” the user to take it to the service centre. But, you will certainly spend a lot of money and time. In such a procedure to avoid this, you can make these steps yourself. In particular, there is no complexity in this primitive procedure.

Purpose of Maintenance Box replacement

You should not forget that between the purchase of the printer and the moment of filling the Maintenance Box, there is a long period of time during which you will be able to print many pictures or photos. But, sooner or later, this sad moment will come, and we should not panic as you will always be able to easily fix this problem and reset the metres so that the system starts to count the amount of spent ink.

Also, you should remember that on some Canon models, you will only be able to reset the counters before the printer “demands” you to repair it at the service centre. However, the Canon Service Tool is a useful tool to help you with this process. It shows you how the system tracks the overflow of the Maintenance Box. This is the reason why it is easy for the user to reset the parameters in a timely manner.

As for the Maintenance Box, the best option is to remove it and throw it away for good, and the hose on which the paint flows, you should take out of the shell and lower it into some jar. You can even use a can of ink for this purpose if you make a small hole in the lid with a needle or a nail. After that, you can forget about the Maintenance Box and not worry about its repair. Otherwise, the Canon Service Tool will help you.

Canon Service Tool
Canon Service Tool

How to activate service mode for resetting counters:

  1. First, you should turn the printer off the electricity. Just turning it off won’t help you.
  2. Next, you should click on the «Enable» button. As a result, this inclusion attempt will help to reset memory.
  3. After that, you should plug the power cord back into the socket.
  4. Click on the «Cancel» button and on the «Include» one.
  5. Next, without releasing the on button, you should press the «Cancel» button several times. The Canon printer model will affect the duration of this process. Each push is fixed by a change of shades. So, instead of the yellow one, there’s the green one, and then the yellow one again.
  6. When you do everything correctly, you should remove your finger from the button and watch the light. It should glow a couple of times green, and then it should glow. If the user sees the indicator lights green, it means that the printer has switched to service mode. If the indicator continues to blink or another colour is on fire, it means that you have done something wrong.

Resources for searching computer programs

Today, there are many useful tools on the Internet on special sites where you can download new apps. There are some Windows download programs too, including the Canon Service Tool.

When downloading a diaper reset program, you should consider that the newer printer model, the newer version of this program should be. As a rule, when describing the program update, the full list of supported series and printer models is specified there. This is why you should check the list beforehand so you can find or detect the missing model and make a correct decision on whether to download a particular version of this program.

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