The comedian Leslie Nielsen: a serious man

Some artists are able to make spectators laugh while maintaining a serious face throughout their performances. Such comedians include Leslie Nielsen, better known for his roles in such blockbusters as «Airplane», «The Naked Gun», «Rent-a-Kid», and «A Space Travesty».

Leslie Nielsen was born in Canada in 1926. During World War II, he joined the Canadian Air Force. However, he never made it to the famous military.

After finishing military service, he worked as a radio announcer for children and young people. Unlike many other comedy actors, Leslie Nielsen was not just poor. His older brother was the Defense Minister of Canada and Deputy Prime Minister.

One of the reasons Leslie was unable to become a military officer was because of his congenital deafness, which tormented him throughout his life and forced him to use hearing aids throughout his life.

Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen began his acting career in Canada. In his first films, he played serious actors, despite the fact that he later acquired a comedian. Nevertheless, Canada is not a country where you can become a world-famous person. That’s why Leslie moved to the States and started conquering Hollywood, or the world’s film factory.

In Hollywood, Leslie Nielsen continued to play serious roles in serious pictures. His career progression was complicated by an unsuccessful contract with MGM. That was the reason why this actor played only episodic roles until the 1970s.

During the 1970s, Leslie acted as negative characters such as spies, military, and politicians. In this period, he was able to act in one popular film. It was «The Poseidon Adventure». He plays the captain of a sinking liner in a disastrous film.

Nevertheless, the biggest success and fame came to Leslie Nielsen in the 1980s. It was at this time that Leslie changed his regular role and began playing the role of a dull old gentleman who constantly finds himself in amusing situations. He did it on the advice of the Zucker brothers and Jim Abrahams. The actor’s fans did not expect such a decision.

Leslie Nielsen was simply unique in such a role, as he gave the audience genuine pleasure and allowed them to laugh for a long time.

It was the way that experienced directors were able to understand that this actor has different, true talent, which led him to world fame and popularity.

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