Jim Carrey’s difficult life path and motivation

We often see Jim Carrey on television screens with a permanent smile and happiness. However, in reality, the actor’s life was exactly the same as the famous anecdote about a popular comedian who came to the psychiatrist to ask him to help with his depression. At that time, the doctor advised him to go to a comedian concert and gave the name of this artist. At that moment, the patient said: «Doctor, I am this comedian».

Jim Carrey was born in Canada to a poor family. His father was a professional saxophonist and played in an orchestra. However, he had to go to work as an accountant to provide money for his family. But he hated his job.

When Jim turned 16, his father lost his job and his family had to live in a trailer. In the future, Jim said that he thought they were going on a trip. Often, money wasn’t even enough for food. To help his family, Jim took a job as a janitor and then as a laborer in a factory.

Jim Carrey

Jim could not entertain his peers because he did not have good clothes. As a teenager, he often sat alone in his room in front of the mirror and portrayed other people because he didn’t like being himself.

Once upon a time, Jim said to himself: «They say that if I pray and aspirate regularly, I can do anything I want». It was then that he made a wish in the form of a bicycle, which his parents soon gave him.

Young Jim was very pleased with the event and soon went to Hollywood. Fortunately, his humorous miniatures became popular in a Los Angeles club.

Carrey’s success was short-lived. The thing is, he soon started having a hard time living in Los Angeles.

That year, Jim wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 and decided he could do it in five years. One time, a guy was walking around town and depressed. Then along the way, he met a gypsy woman who told him three super popular movies and a success that would never leave him.

Jim’s intentions were very strong and he soon appeared in films such as Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask. These films have become one of the most popular comedy films in the world.

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