Steve Martin’s philosophy and his life

A popular comedy character named «Dirty Rotten Scoundrels» was born a few months before the end of World War II in Texas. His father tried to become a famous artist himself but he failed, except for one film in wartime.

Martin’s father was a Baptist priest and soon became very strict with all relatives in the house. Their family soon went to California to look for success because they were poor.

As a teenager, Steve started working. Before school, he delivered newspapers in the mornings, and after school, he worked as a stevedore.

As the years passed, Steve realized that he had excelled at such things as entertaining people. It was then that he began earning stand-up money in different clubs. This casual life wasn’t like Steve’s cherished dreams, and soon after, the guy decided to go to UCLA to study philosophy.

Steve Martin

However, Steve’s love of art was too strong and he soon dropped out of school. As he gained experience with lyrics, Martin decided to start writing comedy scenes and comedy shows for some film studios.

The young man was very capable, and soon the producers invited him to write for the musical comedy show Sonny and Cher. It was a show for singers and artists that was incredibly popular at the time.

Many producers began to pay attention to Steve shortly after this Hollywood debut. This allowed Steve to become a star. Thus, soon he has already received two Grammy awards due to his episodic roles in comedies and the role of the host in the «Muppet Show». He soon got his first role. It was «The Jerk» film.

One day, a producer invited Steve Martin to a serious role in the film «Money from the Sky», which this actor handled perfectly. Steve’s fans were just happy.

His participation in a comedy with elements of a thriller called Thriller «Little Shop of Horrors» followed. Finally, Steve was cast in the film «Dirty Rotten Scoundrels». This film is popular even among modern teenagers.

Steve Martin is an uncommunicative man who likes to play country music. He’s fond of collecting and arranging exhibitions.

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