The best smartphones for cryptocurrency

What is smartphones dal cryptocurrency? These are such smartphones that have an integrated cryptocurrency wallet or any other programs that facilitate interaction with altcoins. In this article, we will take a look at what cryptocurrency smartphones are, as well as break down their functionality.

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Unlike regular smartphones, which only allow you to install dApps, cryptocurrency smartphones have all the features you need in order to interact flexibly with altcoins.  Of course, the specific functionality depends entirely on the device. Thus, some only store private keys, while others are even capable of mining.

Solarin – the king of cryptocurrency smartphones

Sirin Labs introduced the Solarin smartphone with 256-bit text and voice encryption thanks to the KoolSpan chip. This device is positioned as the most secure smartphone in the world, but not everything is so smooth and simple. This gadget is designed specifically for people who use cryptocurrencies. It runs on Shield’s own Android-based OS.

According to the creators, the smartphone can work with IOTA cryptocurrency and with tokens created on the Tangle blockchain. It can also interact with Cardano. And with the help of this smartphone, users will be able to distribute computing power in the blockchain network, which will be very useful in mining.

You could say that Solarin is really the king in the world of smartphones that are based on the use of blockchain technology. But even it has competitors in this niche.


Anything else?

Saga is another cool cryptocurrency smartphone. You can store NFT and digital assets on it, and all the encryption keys will be in a secure Seed Vault. A fingerprint scanner will be used to confirm blockchain transactions.

The main advantage of this cryptocurrency smartphone is a special cryptographic chip that allows careful storage of cryptocurrency assets (similar to cold wallets), which significantly reduces the risks of unauthorized access.

Often, active users of cryptocurrencies to improve cybersecurity buy a separate smartphone on which to store cryptocurrency wallet applications. Now Saga can become such a device, as it is already integrated with the Solana blockchain.

In this article, we told you about two really interesting cryptocurrency smartphones. In fact, this topic is a whole uncharted territory. Such devices are not yet at the peak of popularity, which is largely due to their cosmic cost.

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